Athletic Performance Certification (APC)

Equipment Used: Hurdles, Boxes, Ladders, Body-weight, Cones, Resistors, Sleds
Learning resources: You will receive a study guide
CPD Points: 12 CPD points are achieved on successful achievement of the course outcomes
Athletic Performance Certification (APC) is a specialisation certification intended for continued professional development (CPD) for qualified fitness and sport coaching professionals. The course is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA). REPSSA is part of ICREPS; an international confederation of registers for exercise professionals which operates world-wide, allowing members to work anywhere in the world.
Course Objectives
This course will provide you with the insight needed to train athletes for the achievement of their optimum performance. These training techniques will add a new dimension to your programming, ensuring that you stay ahead of ever-changing conditioning trends. At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply the fundamentals of speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) training
  • Define speed, power and agility to understand training needed for each
  • Use four components of speed and power
  • Programme design for speed, agility and quickness
  • Demonstrate athlete testing
  • Demonstrate athletic performance drills
Academic delivery and mode of learning
The programme is delivered in a practical workshop format over 2-days and includes assessment.
Admission criteria and certification requirements
Applicants should be qualified fitness or sport coaching practitioners with an accredited fitness or coaching qualification.

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