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Innovation is the only way forward. We pride ourselves on offering cutting edge training modules, and take pride in delivering these to our valued clients. InFitness offers practical solutions and market-leading strategies that will elevate your business above the masses.

Innovation of Consumer Exercise

Innovation of Consumer Exercise is a fully customized fitness management solution that is delivered through a partnership model, involving the client and our team during the entire process.

We believe that customers are no longer just gym members and aim to create amazing and inspirational customer experiences by bringing technology, gamification and exercise science together to create innovated consumer exercise offerings that is not only fun, exciting, and educational but also results driven within their journey.

Whether you are looking for a turnkey gym management solution, facility/studio setup, fitness staff recruitment, fitness staff training & upskill or group exercise experience solution for your lifestyle centre we are here to help.

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InFitness offers a complete consulting service to anyone who requires expertise in the setting up of a new gym facility or management of facilities, staff, and operations. This includes all levels of staff and contractors, such as Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors.

InFitness lead the way in the latest, world class trends in the Fitness industry. If you are looking for the differentiating factor to improve member retention and member experience, we have the programmes and training for your company. Ongoing Programme and Product development is core to the growth and success of your business.

You’re in the Sport and Fitness industry. Your career depends on it. So wouldn’t you, naturally, want to ensure your knowledge and the latest innovations in your field are always up to date? Yes! At InFitness we offer a range of opportunities for you to develop your knowledge so that you may become a world class professional. 

Our internationally qualified sports and conditioning trainers dedicate their passion to train & develop athletes in all sporting disciplines. We are solely driven to improving dedicated athletes, sporting clubs and individuals looking to move to the next level of competition.

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