Market-leading fitness experiences that will elevate your business above the masses

InFitness leads the way in the latest, world class trends in the Fitness industry. If you are looking for the differentiating factor to improve member retention and member experience, we have the programmes and training for your company. Ongoing Programme and Product development is core to the growth and success of your business. As science and technology evolves, ensure that your product develops on the latest research to separate your product apart from the competition.  All programs are internationally recognised and first to market in SA.


  • Offer a world class experience to your members.
  • Increased member retention
  • First to launch new programs not available to your competitors.
  • Creating new avenues for revenue
Team InFitness
Get the unique fitness experiences you need

We believe that there’s no better way to get your member journey off with the right start than by giving them meaningful experiences. We don’t just want to sell you a membership; we want to help you feel like you’re part of something bigger—a community that shares your love of fitness in all its forms. This is why we work with health clubs and gyms to create Member Engagement Experiences that help you build a community around fitness, challenge members to keep coming back, and get them addicted to your brand.

The key is our unique combination of events, challenges, gamification, and competition. We walk members through their journeys step by step, helping them achieve goals they never thought possible and encouraging each other along the way. Our goal is for every member who comes through our doors to leave feeling more confident about themselves and their abilities than when they came in.

It’s no secret that the fitness industry has become increasingly competitive. With new brands popping up every day and gyms struggling to keep up with the demand for their services, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve.

But this doesn’t mean you need to give up on your passion for fitness or stop providing a high-quality service, it just means you need better training and upskilling of your staff.

We provide a wide range training courses designed to help your employees become more proficient at their job, while still maintaining their passion for fitness. This will not only improve customer service standards and work output, but it will also lead to happier employees who want to stay with the brand they love.

By offering bespoke staff upskilling programs tailored specifically for your business and its needs, we can help you keep pace with industry trends while growing your workforce forwards.

We believe that a healthy work environment is the best way to support your employees’ health and productivity.

We offer a wide range of services for your company, including group training classes, personal training within your corporate gym space, and wellness challenges for your employees that can be taken individually or in teams. Our goal is to help you create an environment where everyone is working toward the same goal: a healthier lifestyle.

Our trainers are dedicated to making sure that your employees get the support they need to make changes in their lives. We also offer general wellness programs designed to help improve physical health, reduce stress levels, and promote better mental health as well as lifestyle changes aimed at improving overall health & moral within the workplace.

Are you looking for a way to stand out from your competitors?

We offer a unique, customized approach for your business—tailored to help you get the most out of your current offerings and prepared to guide you through the process of creating new ones.

We’ve got 30+ years’ experience in the fitness industry, so we know what it takes to create an experience that’s both trendy and progressive. We can help you stand out from your competitors by offering unique solutions that are tailored to your business’s needs.