Group workouts are proven to be more effective, motivating, and inspiring than individual workouts. If you want members to be more engaged and stay longer, it’s a no brainer – your gym should offer group exercise classes! Ready to get started? Here’s how we can help you build successful Group Fitness Experiences!

We design a variety of high-quality group fitness workouts for you to select from according to your customer wants & needs.

  • Strength – Resistance training for a leaner, faster & stronger you.
  • Conditioning – Push Limits the of Fitness, with Full Body Cardio & Strength Movements.
  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training, Burning Calories time effectively.
  • Dance – Shake, Move, Groove & let the beat flow through your heart into your feet.
  • Cycle –Low Impact Cardio for all shapes & sizes, on any Bike.
  • Boxing – Variety of Boxing & MMA drills, for ultimate power, fitness & co-ordination.
  • Mind & Body – Low Impact Recovery training focused on Mobility, Stability & Flexibility.
  • Customizable Options are available too*

We provide the training to your trainers & staff on these workouts equipping them with a full “How To” on presenting an electric Group Fitness Experience, along with continuous program development, upskilling & support.

Class Schedules with a variety of trendy workouts that are results driven & backed by science.

Investing back into your team of Trainers & Staff by developing & upskilling them in delivering better workouts.

Reinforcing your business Identity in a social environment for member retention & community growth.