High Performance Training


Our internationally qualified sports and conditioning trainers dedicate their passion to train & develop athletes in all sporting disciplines.

We are solely driven to improving dedicated athletes, sporting clubs and individuals looking to move to the next level of competition.

We offer both online and face-to-face training for any athlete, we have a range of specialist coaches who have competed and coached at the top of their fields


  • R1000/month


  • Improved sporting performance
  • Higher rankings
  • More knowledgeable coaches
  • Reduce injury
  • Individual Personal Best


  • To provide Elite Training & Coaching to the local and international community
  • To host competitions, Training Camps and Events
  • To continue to develop international Champions

What you can expect

  • Unique team programming
  • Camps & Practises with World Class Trainers
  • All gym & competition fess covered
  • Programme Design
  • 6 Training sessions per week
  • Training & Coaching development
  • Fitness, Movement & Health assessments
  • Strength & Conditioning Training
  • Mental Coaching
  • World Class Training facilities

Companies utilising our services: