Take on the competition with NORSE high-performance training and elevate your teams athletic performance with world class training techniques.

Norse High-Performance Training is an online strength and conditioning platform that specialise in programmes for athletes in various sporting codes.

We believe there is a Champion in everybody!

We specialise in programmes for competitive athletes in various sporting codes, whether it’s in the gym, on the field or the track. We’ve got a team of coaches who specialise in your discipline whose sole passion is to get you to the top of the podium!

We’ve worked with every type on the planet, from championship teams & athletes to 50 year old moms who want to move well. We’ll give you the experience of training like an athlete while giving you the best body you’ve had in years!

Get a high-performance plan tailored to your athlete’s individual goals

Our unique training system optimizes all phases of training. Mobility, fitness & work capacity, sprinting and multidirectional speed, strength and stability, rotational power, recovery, and injury risk reduction. 

We frequently test & evaluate in key performance indicators to create the most ideal training for you. 

Combining our performance pyramid with accurate testing means we’ve got the tools to uncover your athletic potential.

NORSE High-Performance Pyramid

The benefits of NORSE High-Performance Training

Master Trainers and Coaches
  • Athletic achievement gets redefined when you work with trainers and coaches dedicated to high performance training.  
Data-driven solutions
  • The latest science is the backbone of our methodology. We continuously research and develop new solutions to stay innovative for you.
Around the block
  • As industry experts, we have helped hundreds of athletes reach their full potential.

Visit our NORSE website for more info and to get in touch with our world class coaches

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